Seven Deadly OPSEC Fuckups - Zoz

These fuckups (sins) were presented by Zoz at DEF CON 22. The presentation was titled “Don’t Fuck It Up!

  1. Overconfidence

  2. Trust

  3. Perceived Insignificance

  4. Guilt By Association

  5. Packet Origin

  6. Clear text

  7. Documentation

Ten OPSEC Commandments - The Gruqg

  1. Never reveal your operational details

  2. Never reveal your future plans – silence and violence

  3. Never trust anyone

  4. Never confused recreation and work

  5. Never operate from your own house

  6. Be proactively paranoid, it doesn’t work retroactively

  7. Keep your life and your Freedom activities separate

  8. Keep your personal environment contraband free

  9. Don’t ever talk to the Police

  10. Don’t give anyone power over you

Ten Crack Commandments - Biggie Smalls

  1. Never let anyone know how much money you have.

  2. Never let anyone know what your next move will be.

  3. Trust no one.

  4. Never use what you sell.

  5. Never give credit.

  6. Never sell out of your home.

  7. Keep family and business separate.

  8. Never park your stash on your person.

  9. If you’re not being arrested, never be seen communicating with the police.

  10. G.C.G.C. (Great Consignment, Grave Confinement)

Moscow Rules

  1. Assume nothing.

  2. Never go against your gut.

  3. Everyone is potentially under opposition control.

  4. Don’t look back; you are never completely alone.

  5. Go with the flow, blend in.

  6. Vary your pattern and stay within your cover.

  7. Lull them into a sense of complacency.

  8. Don’t harass the opposition.

  9. Pick the time and place for action.

  10. Keep your options open.

Three C’s


  • (Action) Normal to do what you are doing.
  • (Status) Normal to be where you are


  • Hide the activity
  • Prevent anyone from knowing about it
  • Hide identities


  • Limit the number of people involved
  • Limit scope of the damage if it goes wrong
  • The last line of defence